Ratzingers Rottweilers

¡¿Que es esto?!
Ratzinger's Rottweilers are a somewhat informal loose-knit group of fans and faithful dedicated to defending the honor of our Pope, Benedict XVI, a.k.a. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. It is also our mission to support and pray for our pontiff as he leads the Church on her mission. Most of all we continue to be big fans of our German Shepherd and hold him in our hearts, and like all good dogs, we strive to have steadfast, loyal hearts.

¡Genial! Lo encontré luego de descubrir a Christus Vincit


  1. No se a ti, pero a mi me preocupa.
    Hay mejores formas de defenderlo pero esta me parece muy...¿fanática?.

  2. No se, no lo veo tan terrible, me parece más bien cómico.


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