Reading the Problogger book

I’m Reading the Problogger book , I’ve received it due to the Blogger Buster Prize (still waiting moo cards and others) and I write this post in English in case Amanda read it.

Very interesting, I’m on chapter 3 and the first two are about the fundamentals of blogging and the Niche blog. The niche blog issue it’s challenging to me, XavMP it’s a blog that focus on personal experience, learning curve on catholic reading, drawing, photography, technology and family life; too many subjects and a sort of “personal though and family life” kind of blog.

If I would like to monetize XavMP i should find that focus on a niche and relegate the other categories, something that I will never do in respect of my few but very loyal readers. Maybe the path to my six figure income goes through finding a niche and opening another blog with Wordpress, dedicated domain and hosting.

Thinking about nice blog niches to exploit I was wandering about some Argentinean art blog (written in English), or Catholic Argentinean Actuality, or numerous families resource center, etc. But I’m not sure.

Anyway, I think that I’m not ready yet to start my own business blogging, but the book it’s very clear and the reading easy.


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