Adoración permanente en San Carlos Borromeo–¡Ja, esto es para mi!

Ayer me regodeaba con mi post anterior y ahora vengo a leer esta poesía:

A Poem of Peace and Brotherhood

Oh, how I love the Catholic Churchimage
With pure, damp fronds of hyssop--
And how I hate the Vat. II types,
Especially the bishops!

I wish for the reform’s reform
And pray for all the many,
But scorn the local parish priest,
And won’t give him a penny.

I show my charity each time
I write a scolding letter
That I’m ignored is proof that Father
Won’t try to be better.

My parish is too full of people
I’d kick out tomorrow;
Their faults drag my perfection down
Their follies are my sorrow.

Yet, still, I love the Catholic Church!
In her, all men are brothers!
(But only if they’re just like me:
She should toss out the others.)

If you "love the Church" but can't stand 99% of her members, something is wrong. He who does not love his fellow parishioner whom he has seen cannot love "the Church" he has not seen.


  1. great post! thanks a lot! and I confess, I must apply it to myself :(


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