5 Reasons why we love Feedly so much #in

Switching from GoogleDyingReader has been a great news for that bunch of betrayed users like me.
A "declining sect", a "dying couple of groupies", a "put your angry definition here..." should apply either.

In a way to escape from ostracism we focus on Feedly, and we found that fresh air we weren't receiving from Google Reader team since those thays when they took off the shared items in order to replace them with Google+ (2011).

These are the 5 reasons why I regret not having switched before to Feedly services.

  1. The iPhone and iPad apps: now I'm really reading on my mobile device, and in a smarter way, even more than with Reeder who where my GoogleReader mobile helper until Feedly. Great apps with intelligent gestures.
  2. That gorgeous preview of feeds: take a look, a unique view of the content whit quick access to everything:

  3. The shortcuts, they keep GoogleReader shortcuts working
  4. The Today view: When I feel overwhelmed by my 5432+ pending list I switch to Today and can check for what is hot right now, working on Today will allow Feedly to become the best in town.
  5. Title like Google Reader but some lines of text too: so useful with sites where the amount of news it's hard to follow.

PS1: I'm willing to pay to keep this working? Yeah¡


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