6 de diciembre de 2016

The Blackest Crow

Siguiendo a Marenostrum en sus viejos post, intentando revisar por youtube lo de Niamh que no puedo acceder  directamente en el blog por falta de cuenta premium en Goear, me encontré con el cuervo más negro. Muy linda versión de Bruce Molsky y un montón de amigos.

Pueden ver los acordes en THE BLACKEST CROW (MY DEAREST DEAR)

1. As time draws near, my dearest dear,
When you and I must part,
What little you know of the grace and awe
Of my poor aching heart.
Each night I suffer for your sake,
You're the one I love so dear;
I wish that I was going with you,
Or you were staying here.

2. I wish my breast was made of glass
Wherein you might behold
Oh there your name I's wrote, my dear,
In letters made of gold.
Oh there your name I's wrote, my dear,
Believe me what I say,
You are the one I love the best
Until my dying day.

3. The crow that is so black, my love,
will surely turn to white
If ever I prove false to you,
Bright day return to night.
Bright day return to night, my love
The elements will mourn,
If ever I prove false to you
The seas will rage and burn.

4. And when you're on some distant shore,
Think of your absent friend,
And when the wind blows high and clear,
A line to me, pray send.
And when the wind blows high and clear,
Pray send a note to me,
That I might know by your handwrite
How time has gone with thee.

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